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Dec. 31st, 2010

I'm in the process of deciding what to do with my journal design. This is a pre-made design.
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So You Think You Can (Contemporary) Dance

Summer brings on the dance competition So You Think You Can Dance, which I definitely look forward to. I just want to scream when I watch the auditions, however. The judges stress the ability to "dance outside the box," or so they would have you believe. It all seems like lip service when most of the dancers making it to Las Vegas for the second stage of the auditions are contemporary style. I'm not sure who makes the ultimate decision on what makes it to the television segments, but I could swear there were other dance styles out there...

May. 7th, 2010

 Haven't posted for a while...

*We got tickets to see the acapella group, Straight No Chaser! In the second row, no less! You may have seen their special on your local PBS station, or perhaps Youtube. They had some wonderful takes on traditional xmas songs, as well as catchy originals. They did some covers of non-xmas songs as well. I'm glad we have the chance to see them.

*I've been watching various anime. I've been watching currently running series via the internet for about a year now. I usually pick series with the help of different blogger's previews and reviews. Several times I have ended up watching a series I had no plans of watching, which is exactly what happened for current obsession, Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! (The School President is a Maid). Encouraged by a review from the blogsite Random Curiosity , I gave it a try. The story is about a girl who becomes school president of a former all-boys school. Due to family circumstances, she also gets a job at a maid cafe. The most popular boy at her school discovers her secret - but decides to keep it to himself. I normally don't go for the romantic comedy, as sci-fi and fantasy are more up my alley, but I have fallen head over heels!
 I know I haven't been around in a while...a lot has been happening in RL. I know Xmas was over a while, but I wanted to use this icon...it was made for me! Thanks go out to canadian_turtle  for making an icon for my reboot Star Trek OT3.

And knowing is half the battle!

People who grew up in the eighties will know what I'm talking about...for those who don't, I went to see GI Joe. I won't spoil anything right now, but I will say it's a good popcorn flick. Channing Tatum as Duke is hot, and Sienna Miller as the Baroness is bad ass.

One thing was really bugging me though. I couldn't place who played the U.S. president (a speaking part and they didn't even give him a name, for goodness sake!). The actor's name, Jonathan Pryce, wasn't ringing any bells, but his voice was familiar. I looked him up on IMDB only to find out it's Governor Swann from the Pirates movies! I didn't recognize him out of the period garb and powdered wig.

Don't mess with Momma Nature...

...cause she is one mean bitch! And when Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!

I swear, it was like the wrath of God coming down, it was raining so hard. We have lived in our current house (close to the shore of Lake Erie) for about 15 years, and I have never seen it flood like it did today. It rained as much as 6 inches in as many hours. It flooded badly in an area we had previously lived in. The fire hall in that area had six feet of water INSIDE!

Thank God I didn't have my car today. The parking lot flooded...my poor little Civic wouldn't have made it!


Mother Nature,

     Please to be making the temperature warmer, K? IT'S BLEEPING JUNE!!!!!


Got my new lappy and Star Trek

Coming to you from my new laptop...this thing rocks! I haven't tried everything out, but the display (HD!) and sound are awesome. The sound is almost as good as our desktop.

I just saw the new Star Trek movie...and it was AWESOME.


I'm a doctor, not a physicist...Collapse )

I would gladly go see it again, and highly recommend it!

May. 9th, 2009

Just purchased a shiny new toy...a brand new laptop, an HP dv7t. HD screen, 1 gig ATI Mobility Radeon graphics card, etc.
I wanted to get a different one while they had a decent offer, also my lappy is over 5 years old. I can hardly wait!

Been a while...

Not been up to a whole lot...have discovered a new anime, though. I've been into watching Soul Eater. The main concept is the pairing of humans, one a meister (the weapon user) and the weapon itself (human transformed). These pairs fight to prevent evil humans from using souls to become kishin, or demon gods.

For such a serious concept, it is full of humor. Shinigami, or Grim Reaper, is a goofy looking caricature with square hands. His son, Death the Kid, is obsessed with symmetry, to the point of meltdown mid battle. Watching one of his weapon partners (he has twin pistols) "encouraging" him to get moving was priceless! The blade Excalibur is overbearing and egotistical, and ends up chasing away any prospective meisters with his insane list of 1000 things that must be fufilled. Scythe techician Maka's father, Shinigami's personal weapon, is a ladies man who tries hard to get in his daughter's good graces - most of the time TOO hard! And that only covers a short list! I would definitely recommend trying it.